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EU-UNICEF Child Rights Toolkit: Integrating Child Rights in Development Cooperation

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UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund

This toolkit, produced by UNICEF and the European Commission, consists of eight modules on key areas:

  1. Child Rights in Development Cooperation
  2. Child Rights in Programming and Sector Policies
  3. Child Participation
  4. Child Rights in Governance
  5. Child Impact Assessment
  6. Child-Responsive Budgeting
  7. Child Rights in Crisis and Risk-prone situations
  8. Working with Civil Society on Child Rights

The modules are designed to be used independently from each other, however, key background information is included in the first two modules so it is recommended that they be used first. All of the modules are included in the publication linked to the right, while individual modules can be downloaded separately from the UNICEF website here.

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