“Eso es lo que nosotros exigimos: Que se haga justicia”. Impunidad por actos de violencia sexual cometido contra mujeres en el conflicto armado de Colombia

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Amnesty International

This report is the result of two years of investigation by Amnesty International on the impunity for conflict-related sexual violence in Colombia’s armed conflict. Sexual violence is endemic to Colombia’s long-running armed conflict, now in its fifth decade. Colombia’s security forces, paramilitaries and guerrilla groups have all targeted women and girls to exploit them as sexual slaves, to wreak revenge on their adversaries, and to silence women leaders. At the heart of this report are the voices of survivors of sexual violence in Colombia’s bloody conflict, women and girls who have for so long been silenced, overlooked and ignored by Colombian authorities. The report takes a look at the very hard reality that confronts women in armed conflict in Colombia and ends with a series of recommendations, calling on the Colombian authorities to fulfil their international obligations to ensure respect for the right of survivors to truth, justice and reparation.

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