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Entrepreneurship focused Socio-Emotional Skills Learning

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Save the Children International,The World Bank Group

Entrepreneurship focused Socio-Emotional Skills Learning (ESEL) program consists of 1) Skills: Abilities and competences that enable youth to apply and practice what they know in order to be effective at what they do , 2) Mindset: Attitudes, beliefs and emotions determine youth’s motivation and attention, as well as their willingness to engage and perform and 3) Knowledge: Foundational information, concepts, and language related to entrepreneurship that students need to be aware of, know and understand in order to act.

The teacher’s manual provides step by step guidance on facilitating the ESEL course, and the ESEL learning curriculum consists of modules on inter-and intrapersonal skills and entrepreneurship skills. The former set of module is informed by the Growth Mindset and Entrepreneurial Mindset. This interactive manual also includes links to relevant videos.

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