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Engaging Boys and Men in Gender Transformation: The Group Education Manual

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Promundo,The ACQUIRE Project

This is an educational manual for working with men to question non-equitable views about masculinity and develop more positive attitudes to prevent unhealthy behaviors that put them and their partners and families at risk. It can also be used to train facilitators who will implement workshop activities with groups of men. The activities are intended for use with men of all ages, although some adaptations might have to be made depending on the ages of the men and the country and community context. These activities can also be adapted for use with groups of men and women.

This manual is a compilation of the most frequently-used activities from two educational curricula—Promundo’s Program H Manual and EngenderHealth’s Men As Partners (MAP) Manual. It has been adapted for use with groups of men and with mixed groups in such diverse settings as schools, youth clubs, military settings, and community groups all over the world, including in Botswana, Brazil, Ghana, India, Kenya, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, and Uganda. The use of these educational activities with men has resulted in positive changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to sexual and reproductive health, including HIV and GBV prevention.

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