Ending legalised violence against children. Global Report 2012

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Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children,Save the Children Sweden

Ending legalised violence against children – the Global Initiative’s Global Progress Report for 2012, published jointly with Save the Children. This seventh report following up the UN Study on Violence against Children reviews the progress and delays in prohibiting corporal punishment of children throughout the world, with examples of regional and national developments. It shows how prohibiting corporal punishment is not only a child rights issue but is closely linked with the rights of women, the rights of persons with disabilities, and the right to health. It lists the 33 states which have achieved prohibition in all settings, the 26 which have not fully prohibited corporal punishment in any setting, the 75 which have accepted recommendations on corporal punishment made during the UPR, the 28 which have rejected such recommendations and the more than 80 states with immediate opportunities to enact prohibition. 

While many governments have made legal provisions concerning corporal punishment and have adopted the necessary reforms, there are many challenges and much work still to be done. The present report is an important resource in taking efforts further to build a world without violence against children.

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