Ending gender-based violence: A call for global action to involve men

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SIDA, Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation

Men’s violence is a worldwide problem and demands urgent action – from the perspective of women, children, and of men themselves. It is in this context that seven masculinity researchers write about masculinity in different parts of the world and about how masculinity is often linked to violence. These acts of violence are committed not only against women and children, but also against other men. The writers suggest a number of ways in which men can be involved in working to combat men’s violence.The argument presented in this paper is articulated through 13 key principles:Violence is a global problem, manifest at every level of society; Violence is among every society’s most costly and most urgent problems; Much violence is gender-based, and much gender-based violence is men’s violence to children, women and other men; Gender inequalities create gender-based violence; Men’s violence is socially cultivated and promoted; Transforming gender relations can help end gender-based violence; Ending men’s silence can reduce gender-based violence; Men can engage in various ways in the efforts to end gender-based violence; We can learn from other societies how to engage men to reduce violence; Much important work is being done around the world to engage men to reduce gender-based violence; These initiatives demonstrate how to engage men in the effort to reduce gender-based violence; Ending gender-based violence will benefit women, children and men; and, Men’s development will promote children’s rights and enhance children’s lives. This document includes the paper “Costs of Male Violence” by Stefan de Vylder as an Appendix.

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