A Place to Call Home: Child families in the shadow of the housing crisis

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Save the Children Sweden

All children living in Sweden have, according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the right to a fair standard of living that can contribute to their physical, psychological, spiritual, moral, and social development (article 27). The state shall help families and caregivers who do not have the means to guarantee these needs, especially when it comes to food, clothing, and shelter. The goal for Sweden’s child rights policy is for children and youth to be respected, given the opportunity to develop, security, and the opportunity to participate and influence policies that concern them.

In this report “En plats att kalla hemma – barnfamiljer i bostadskrisens skugga” (A place to call home – families with children in the shadow of the housing crisis) Save the Children Sweden presents the experiences and reflections from homeless children and parents of how they have been affected. The report explores both the underlying causes that lead to homelessness as well as the consequences for families who are affected.

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