Education and Working Children in Soyapango and Tacuba. A study of the financial resources allocated to the children of El Salvador

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Save the Children Sweden

This study is part of an international project about the development of methods for budget analysis in seven of the countries participating in Save the Children Sweden programmes: Ethiopia, El Salvador, Peru, South Africa, Sweden, Vietnam, and the West Bank and Gaza. Each country has selected the subject of its budget study on the basis of specific national conditions.

This paper examines budget planning at national and municipal level and in education, and establishes how it relates to working children. For this purpose, groups of urban and rural working children in El Salvador were consulted.The project is an initial approach to the subject of child-orientated budget planning, which seeks to extend the perspective of budgets, both national and municipal, to the education of working children. The primary purpose of this research is to define the characteristics and degree to which children figure in the General National Budget and in municipal budgets, particularly in the field of education. It is interesting to contrast the situation of working children in urban and rural environments, and therefore the municipalities of Soyapango (urban) and Tacuba (mainly rural) were selected for consultations with working children.

Read here the summaries of the eight child-focused budget studies.

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