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Education against the Odds: Meeting marginalised children’s demands for a quality education

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Save the Children UK

Every day, millions of marginalised children go against the odds – by managing to get to school and learn. In their daily struggle for an education, these children are fighting for their right for a better future.

Education Against the Odds presents findings from surveys with more than 8,000 children in humanitarian crises. It shows that, time and time again, children living in the world’s toughest places wanted one thing above all else: the chance to go to school.

This report also tells individual stories of children engaged in that struggle – from those living in conflict zones or facing environmental disasters, to those forced to flee, work or marry, to children with disabilities and living in remote areas.

Education Against the Odds closes with a series of recommendations to governments and the international community to deliver on the global commitment to give every child the chance to learn.

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