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Durable Solutions for Children Toolkit

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Save the Children International

68 million people were forcibly displaced at the end of 2017, double those displaced in 2005. More than half are children, many of whom are likely to be amongst the poorest and most vulnerable children on the planet. As trends of displacement move ever upwards, it is increasingly essential that we identify solutions that ensure the wellbeing and futures of displaced children.

A  Durable Solution is found when a child’s rights are fully reinstated during &/or after migration or displacement. The importance of the Durable Solutions Agenda has been reaffirmed by the international community and donors in recent years and our field offices are increasingly involved in Durable Solutions focused programming, advocacy and policy work. Whilst there are already excellent existing Durable Solutions tools that allow us to analyse return and reintegration contexts, there is a lack of child focus within these. MDI has therefore developed the Durable Solutions for Children Toolkit, as an important step in ensuring that children are at the heart of future responses and solutions to displacement.

The Toolkit allows practitioners to build evidence-based and child-focused, long-term solutions and advocacy interventions. It provides substantial direction on issues of return and re-integration and outlines options, actions and legal guidance related to local integration and resettlement. It can help measure child specific gaps in displacement and irregular migration settings, shape policy and decision-making, monitor improvements and increase the accountability of service providers.

The toolkit is intended as an internal, working document that will develop over time to support SC staff in designing and delivering strong, scalable solutions for the most vulnerable children.

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