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A Draft Scaling Methodology for Save the Children

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Link Education Consulting,Save the Children International

From November 2023 to January 2024, the Link Education Consulting worked with Save the Children, in particular the Economic Evaluation team and Catch-up Club (CuC) technical staff, to identify and fulfil their current needs for technical assistance relating to scaling. This work included undertaking a rapid desk review of scaling methodologies and tools and best practice, conducting a stakeholder analysis to better understand Save the Children’s technical support requirements for scaling, and conducting a cost analysis of the CuC Malawi intervention.

Based on this work, the consulting team has developed this draft scaling methodology. This draft scaling methodology employs well-researched and existing tools and is designed to be an entry point for the development of a unified approach to scaling within the Save the Children movement. For more detailed discussion of tools available to support scaling processes, see the scoping study completed earlier in this consultancy.

The draft methodology provides Save the Children staff and partners with a five-phase scaling methodology and a curated set of tools, to be tested by intervention teams. The results of this user testing can then be integrated into the next iteration of the scaling methodology. The end result will be a scaling methodology which is consistent with Save the Children’s impact ambitions and principles as a movement dedicated to protecting, sustaining, and expanding child rights globally.

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