Digital vs Print: Obtaining the best literacy outcomes in complex low-income environments

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The appetite for digital education solutions (or ‘EdTech’) has soared under the impact of COVID-19, with

students around the world unable to attend on-site schooling. Like many facets of the global literacy

challenge, however, limited access to schooling was already a major concern for many communities.

Exploring digital solutions for these complex environments is a key driver for Library For All (LFA), an

innovative specialist EdTech provider and ‘digital first’ publisher. Field experience, across delivery of

multiple international programs, confirms that a digital rollout of books and educational materials

makes good sense in communities where access to print materials is unaffordable or otherwise

unavailable. This paper surveys current thinking across academic and NGO research activities in

support of LFA’s approach. Library For All is a social enterprise of Save The Children Australia.

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