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Diagnostics and Policy Advice for Supporting Roma Inclusion in Romania

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The World Bank Group

Roma families constitute an extremely vulnerable ethnic minority in Romanian society. Most Roma families are impoverished, and their continued exclusion from Romanian markets fuels a cycle of poverty within the minority group. Therefore, Roma inclusion is a crucial target for Romania to achieve its European 2020 Social Inclusion Goals. The inclusion of Roma will, in turn, lead to greater prosperity across all of Romanian society, creating a favourable atmosphere for all actors involved.

This report, researched and authored by the World Bank, outlines what steps need to be taken to achieve Roma inclusion in Romania. It identifies the most important socioeconomic gaps, as well as the greatest obstacles to Roma inclusion in the nation. After identifying the problem areas, the World Bank prescribes evidence-based policy recommendations, drawing on prior international experience. The recommendations focus on the following policy areas:

  1. Investment in support and enhancing opportunities for young Roma
  2. Improvement in the current living conditions for older Roma


This report has been shared through Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 IGO license.

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