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Development Actors at the Nexus; Lessons from crises in Bangladesh, Cameroon and Somalia

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Development Initiatives,Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,IASC, Inter-Agency Standing Committee,NRC, Norwegian Refugee Council

The promise of the Sustainable Development Goals is to “leave no one behind”, yet people caught up in protracted crises are often those furthest left behind. The impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 is reversing development gains across the globe. Given the risk that crisis-affected populations will be left even further behind, effective action is needed to address the root causes of crises, combining immediate emergency assistance with longer term investments to reduce risks and vulnerabilities and sustain peace. Development cooperation could play a more effective and complementary role building on initial progress in finding lasting solutions to protracted humanitarian crises, as part of a coherent approach linked with humanitarian and peace actions. Building on previous work by Development Initiatives analysing donor approaches to the nexus, this report explores, from the vantage point of development cooperation, how to operationalize the “triple nexus” of humanitarian−development−peace action.


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