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Declaración para acabar con el hambre extrema

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This charter sets out five key actions that governments of rich and poor countries should take to stop widespread starvation as a result of drought, high food prices and conflict. It includes ensuring that disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation are placed at the heart of development approaches and needs-based early warning signs of disasters with a timely and appropriate response. The Charter calls on governments to take life-saving measures to protect children around the world, addressing the following issues: (1) Fixing the flaws of the international emergency system; (2) Supporting local food production; (3) Services and protection for the poorest; (4) Food everyone can afford; and (5) Reduce armed violence and conflict. The Charter has been drafted and endorsed by groups including: ActionAid, Merlin, Oxfam, Islamic Aid, Christian Aid, The Eastern Africa Civil Society Forum, CAFOD, Tearfund, International Medical Corps, Channel 16, Eastern & Southern Africa Farmers’ Forum, International Rescue Committee, Muslim Aid, The Legal Resources Foundation, ADRA International, ONE, Plan International, Save the Children, West African Civil Society Forum, World Vision

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