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Danger is Our Reality: The impact of conflict and the occupation on education in the West Bank of the occupied Palestinian territory

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Save the Children International,Save the Children oPt

Palestinian children have lived the entirety of their lives under military occupation and conflict. Many Palestinian children are exposed to dangers on their way to and from school and in the classroom. While the scale of attacks on children’s education in the occupied Palestinian territories is well-documented, there is a lack of research on the broader impacts that attacks on education have on children.

To address this gap, Save the Children surveyed over 400 children across the West Bank in order to inform the report, Danger is Our Reality. It found that attacks on education threaten children’s emotional well-being, their sense of security, ability to learn, relationships with their families and teachers, and how they feel about the future. Children also reported feeling fear, anxiety, and stress on their journeys to and from school, which manifested in physical and emotional symptoms.

The full report, an executive summary, and a child-friendly executive summary are available in English. There is also an executive summary and a child-friendly summary in Arabic.

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Children affected by armed conflict


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