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CVA for Health: A Case Study from Save the Children International in Peru

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Save the Children International

“Cash for health” addresses individual-level specifically identified health risks or needs using Cash & Voucher Assistance (CVA) as a modality of intervention. This case study presents the design, implementation and key outcomes on the use of CVA to achieve health outcomes in Peru within a compounded migration and economic crisis. It confirms that market-based assistance can play a vital role in achieving positive health outcomes for highly vulnerable individuals on the move, otherwise not able to access appropriate healthcare services in a timely manner due to lack of financial capacities and information.

The CVA for health was delivered in a complementary manner with other health activities, and as part of an integrated program providing a holistic set of support across food, nutrition, protection, livelihoods, health and mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS).

The case study first provides an overview of the context and then undertakes a deep-dive into the design of the CVA for health component. It continues with an overview of the main achievements and key lessons learnt before concluding with a set of key recommendations.

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