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Country Report of China on the situation of children in residential care

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Ministry of Civil Affairs, People’s Republic of China

Country report of the People’s Republic of China on the situation of children in residential care in anticipation of the Second International Conference on Children and Residential Care: New Strategies for a New Millennium, to be held in Stockholm 12 – 15 May 2003. The Chinese government is committed to the realisation of children’s rights, in accordance with the principles of survival, protection, development and participation. Government and social organisations are motivated by the principle of focusing on the child and working together to create a good environment for the protection and development of children. Residential care remains a major approach to the care of orphaned and abandoned children in China, but with the incorporation of principles of child-focus and children’s rights, the care approach is being reformed and changed. Attention from the Chinese government and broadening social participation have enabled China to achieve major improvements towards the protection of orphaned, abandoned, and street children, and ensuring their survival and development.

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