Costing the Children’s Protection and Welfare Act, 2011 of Lesotho

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Cornerstone Economic Research,UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund

The main goal of this project, upon which this report is based, is to estimate the cost to the Government of Lesotho of implementing the different services put forth by the Children’s Protection and Welfare Act No. 7 (CPWA) of 2011. The CPWA replaced the outdated Children’s Protection Act of 1980 and came in the wake of a marked increase in reported cases of child abuse and the child protection and welfare challenges brought by Lesotho’s HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The key outputs of this project are the CPWA Costing Model and the CPWA Capital Model. It is intended for the ministries responsible for the different CPWA-services to use these models as tools to assist in the development of plans and budgets for the implementation of the CPWA. The plans can also be used to explore whether or not there are more cost-effective ways of delivering certain services or certain activities.

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