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Consultation Package and Facilitator’s Guide. Child and Adolescent Participation in the Children’s Rights and Business Principles Initiative (CRBPI)

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Save the Children Sweden

A guide developed by Save the Children containing information and ideas for consulting with children and young people and collecting their views on the Draft Children’s Rights and Business Principles. It takes the reader through a series of simple steps and  activities needed to get started and  gives tips to ensure young people’s recommendations are accuratley documented. The guidelines can be adapted to suit the particular needs and preferences of the participants with respect to children’s rights in the context of business activities.  Within this Guide you will find information about how to prepare for the consultation; important details/suggestions for ensuring young people’s recommendations are accurately documented; various group activities to support discussion, learning and team building; and finally, some ideas relating to next steps and follow up.

 This Guide also contains a list of required and recommended resources about children and young people’s participation.

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