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Community Based Psychosocial Support Training Manual

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ACT Alliance, Action by Churches Together,Church of Sweden

This Training Manual is meant to be used foremost by trainers within the Action by Churches Together (ACT) network who have attended a Training of Psychosocial Trainers workshop. The aim of the training manual is to serve as a resource for field workers to develop, facilitate and conduct their own psychosocial workshops within their specific work or regional context. It is not a comprehensive source of information about psychosocial issues. It is a trainer’s guide for developing locally appropriate training.

This training manual is meant to be a helping tool for the trainer to develop his or her own curriculum and sessions for a psychosocial training. It is meant to give ideas, inspiration, basic facts and central concepts when preparing a basic introduction to Community-based Psychosocial Support. This manual does not provide the trainer with ready made training modules, but expects each trainer to develop his or her curriculum and session plan according to the specific context and training situation. However, there are examples given for different kind of sessions. 

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