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Choices: Empowering boys and girls to change gender norms: A curriculum for 10 to 14 year olds in Nepal

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Save the Children

Save the Children believes that changing the gender-related attitudes and behavior of adolescent boys can ultimately change the way girls and women are treated in Nepali society, and lead to improved health and more joyful lives for both men and women. Moreover, Save the Children believes that children can be engaged in discussions that critically reflect on gender norms in an age-appropriate way. Changing well-established gender-related attitudes and behaviors is challenging, especially when Nepali culture supports more restrictive gender roles for women and girls. Save the Children Nepal seeks to change gender attitudes and behaviors in younger adolescents, aged 10 to 14 year old, before they become firmly entrenched by intervening with young boys and girls participating in Child Clubs. 

If this intervention is successful, the lives of young girls and women will improve. Girls will feel more respected and empowered to achieve their dreams. 

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Gender norms

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