Children’s rights for all! Implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child for children with intellectual disabilities

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Inclusion Europe

This publication provides an overview of the situation of children with intellectual disabilities in 22 European countries, with a particular focus on five areas: protection against abuse, family support and (de-)institutionalisation, health, education, and participation of children. The report recommends steps to be taken to remove barriers to their inclusion. The Country Reports paint a rather distressing picture of the situation of children with intellectual disabilities. All of them state that there is very limited evidence on how the rights of children with intellectual disabilities are upheld in the researched countries. The results of the survey show that CRC implementation from the perspective of children with intellectual disabilities is far from satisfactory in all five areas. The publication ends with recommendations for actions that should be given priority by policy makers at European, national, regional and local levels to ensure equal opportunities for children with intellectual disabilities.

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