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Children’s Memorandum on Children’s Participation in Peace Building. – Pokhara, Nepal (2007)

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Save the Children Norway

Children’s Memorandum on Children’s Participation in Peace Building  – Pokhara, Nepal, drafted by children and young people with the help of an adult group. The Memorandum is the result of a 5 day national reflection workshop that took place in Pokhara, 3-7 December 2007. Over the past year, Child Club representatives from 3 districts (Bardia, Tanahun and Udaypur) have been actively involved in research and evaluation activities as part of a Save the Children Norway global thematic evaluation on children’s participation in armed conflict, post conflict and peace building. During the workshop, Child Club representatives identified 5 significant issues to ensure further support for children’s participation in peace building:

1. The importance of Child Clubs developing and implementing rules, regulations and action plans

2. Ensuring inclusive and active participation

3. Building the capacity of all Child Club members

4. Ending all forms of social discrimination

5. Promoting Peace Building




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