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Children with Diverse Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity/Expression Evidence to Action Brief

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Save the Children Cambodia,Save the Children International

This study explores the life experiences of children with diverse SOGIE in different environments – school, family, and community – to which they were exposed. Data suggest that children with diverse SOGIE experienced stigma, bullying, discrimination, harassment, and violence (physical and psychological violence), though they were able to socialize and learn in school, live with their families, and commute within their communities. The main reasons for these challenges are simply the dominant binary gender norms defining male/masculine on one hand, and female/feminine on the other. These norms dictate that a man must be masculine and a woman must be feminine. A man must like and be sexually attracted to a woman and vice versa. Anyone who does not conform to these norms and expectations is subjected to stigma, discrimination, and violence. Studies from other countries in the region also reported that gender nonconforming behaviors drove violence against people with diverse SOGIE.
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