Children crossing borders: Report on unaccompanied minors who have travelled to South Africa

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Save the Children UK

This report presents findings of research into why unaccompanied children from Zimbabwe and Mozambique cross into South Africa. It begins to address a significant dearth of information about children who cross international borders. Although there has been increasing research into children’s migrations, there is very little research on children who migrate without a caregiver or those who migrate across international borders. The research aims to provide information on the routes of migration; who children migrated with; the reasons for migration; how these children obtained basic necessities such as food, money, shelter, health care and safety; and their experiences of arrest, deportation and violence. The research took place in three main sites: Johannesburg, the border with Zimbabwe (predominantly in Musina) and the border with Mozambique (predominantly in Malelane and Komatipoort).

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