Children Come First, Intervento in Frontiera: Dossier VII

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Save the Children Italy

The general objective of the project “Children Come First: Intervention at the border” is to strengthen the system of protection and reception of migrant children arriving in Italy, whether they are separated or accompanied by their parents.

The project aims to strengthen both intervention activities to support and assist minors from when they first enter Italy, at all the main landing sites and at the mainland border crossings. It also aims to assist those involved in managing mixed migration flows through information-sharing, training activities, and capacity building.

According to official data from the Ministry of the Interior from October 31, 2018, 22,031 migrants landed in Italy, registering a significant decrease in arrivals compared to the previous year, equal to -80.22%, when 111,401 people arrived instead. The main nationalities are Tunisia (4,827), Eritrea (3,077), Sudan (1,596), Iraq (1,545), Pakistan (1,451), Nigeria (1,248), Algeria (1,099), Ivory Coast (1,049) and Mali (875 ). In particular, 1,944 migrants landed in July, 1,491 in August and 2,030 in September and October.

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