Child victims in the Union – Rights and Empowerment. A report of the CURE project 2009-2010

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The Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority

Child victims in the Union – Rights and Empowerment (CURE) is a project on the current situation of victimised children in the criminal justice systems. CURE has had the ultimate aim to provide recommendations for an improved position of child victims in the European Union. This report, presented by CURE, is divided into four chapters. The first chapter covers the reasons underpinning the decision to carry out the CURE project, the structure of the project, working-methods and the legal framework that serves as a basis for the project. The second chapter outlines the result of the studies on the legal position of the child victim. The third chapter is about interesting development and best practices and the fourth chapter presents the two sets of recommendations developed in the project and the main conclusions.

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