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Child Safeguarding In Cash Transfer Programming

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Save the Children

Recognising that cash transfers have become a key intervention in emergencies ‘Child Safeguarding in Cash Transfer Programming’ (CTP) focuses on the additional risks CTP may bring for beneficiaries, particularly children, and therefore ways in which their well-being must be considered at all stages of the project cycle.

This practical tool enables you to make your CTP more accountable to children by giving guidance on how to prevent and respond to child protection incidents more effectively.

This child safeguarding guide is useful for all staff involved in the design, implementation and monitoring of CTP involving children, irrespective of modality (conditional, unconditional, cash grants, vouchers and cash-for-work) and sector. This tool applies specifically to emergency settings but is also applicable to non-emergency settings.

This tool should be used in conjunction with any other guide or tool related to CTP as it is the only guide for specificially considering child safeguarding within this type of programming – a vital part of SC’s mandate.

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