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Child Rights Programming E-Learning

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Save the Children

This Child Rights Programming (CRP) e-learning course is a free, online training for all, excluding Save the Children staff (for the staff version see link below). This course will instruct on how to carry out Child Rights Programming and how to be a rights-based organisation. It consists of 4 modules:

  1. Introduction to CRP,
  2. How to apply CRP,
  3. Challenges faced and practical guidance, and
  4. How to be a rights-based organization.

While no module focuses on the humanitarian context exclusively, each seeks to integrate this into its intended learning. The case studies contain specific simulations for humanitarian and other contexts. The course uses programme examples, case studies, quizzes and exercises. Throughout the course, there are links to additional relevant resources and publications. The entire course takes about 2.5 hours to complete.

Important information before accessing the e-learning:

  • You must have a Resource Centre account and be logged in to access this training. To create a free account, click on the “Create an Account” link in the menu.
  • You may experience some difficulties accessing some external links to OneNet in the e-learning, this is due to some materials being restricted to Save the Children staff.
  • If you are a Save the Children employee, please use the version available at Save the Children’s Learning Management System (LMS).

Please select your language to start the e-learning.

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