Child rights and the media. Putting children in the right

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International Federation of Journalists

This publication includes a number of practical recommendations intended to help make media and journalists become more responsive and to encourage debate within media about the portrayal of children and their rights. It also aims to help journalists learn and identify good practices and high standards. The document explores the need for journalistic training on the rights of children for all levels of reporting. This includes examining the way media works, how existing principles of accountability apply and how media must be free from political and economical pressures that can limit professionalism and undermine ethical standards.
Raising awareness about the rights of children and the promotion of children’s rights is a challenge to media. Media must not just report fairly, honestly and accurately on the experience of childhood, but they must also provide space for the diverse, colourful and creative opinions of children themselves. Whether it is news and current affairs, or the complex world of creative and performing arts, all media professionals, and the organisations for which they work, have a responsibility to recognise children’s rights and reflect them in their work.

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