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Child Protection: Taking action against all forms of abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation (CPI Brochure)

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Save the Children International

The brochure highlights the priority areas of focus of Save the Children’s Child Protection Initiative (CPI), such as (i) children without appropriate care (including neglected and/or abused children in their families, children in institutions or other forms of alternative care, and children on the move, including child refugees, child migrants and trafficked children); and (ii) child protection in emergency situations (sexual violence, children associated with armed forces and groups, family separation and displacement). Child labour is being developed and will be included as a third Priority Area. The ambition is to reach 21 million children with child protection services by 2015. The brochure demonstrates the impact that Save the Children’s activities and programmes have had in protecting children from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation, and presents a selection of concrete success stories from Haiti, Lebanon, Guinea Bisseau, Uganda and Côte d’Ivoire.

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