A Child Protection System in Mongolia: Review report

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Save the Children

Harm, abuse, violence and exploitation are experienced by many children and young people in Mongolia, as outlined in many reports and research from the 1990s onward.

Change is ongoing and brings new vulnerabilities for children being abused and exploited, including migration, homelessness, work, dropping out of school, and particularly violence (corporal punishment) at home, in school and in institutions.

This publication outlines an integrated child protection system that includes, at the minimum:

  • a legal framework to protect and prevent children from all forms of maltreatment;
  • a lead, proactive child protection agency with statutory powers for coordination of multi-sectoral policy and multi-agency work (including coordination and activation of government departments duties in fulfillment of child protection rights) and ensuring community-based local provision is operating;
  • a linked and coordinated service directed and statutorily empowered to act on and for violations of child protection rights including an implementing core child protection service, that is integrated and coordinated locally, operating in rural and urban areas; and specific rehabilitation services for abused children such as case management, intervention;
  • a service competent and empowered to monitor, inspect and take appropriate action on quality of practice in child protection service and provision.
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