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Child Led Data Collection: A guide for young people to learn how to do research and create positive change

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Save the Children Sweden

A manual launched by Save the Children in the framework of the project “A Civil Society for Children’s Rights in the MENA Region”, developed to support young people and adults/organizations to better understand ‘Child Led Data Collection (CLDC) and the important role young people have in collecting information about their lives and telling others about their realities. Young people can use this manual to better understand data collection and learn, step by step, how to do it and adults or civil society organizations can use the manual to support young people and help guide and support them as they work on CLDC. The manual takes the reader through a series of simple steps, training activities and resources needed to get started with CLDC. The methodology is child friendly and produces qualitative and quantitative evidence of everyday needs and priorities which can be used to inform change. Policies and programmes can then use this evidence to focus on needs that children themselves have asserted and reported in detail

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UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

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