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Cambodia Country Report on the situation of children in residential care

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Country report of Cambodia on the situation of children in residential care in anticipation of the Second International Conference on Children and Residential Care: New Strategies for a New Millennium, to be held in Stockholm 12 – 15 May 2003. A National Pre-Conference was organised on 6-7 February 2003 in Phnom Penh to raise the level of awareness regarding alternative care and to present the subject for discussion by different stakeholders and the children themselves. Cambodia has defined two main priorities and directions for its efforts on behalf of children. The first is the adoption of non-institutionalised care as the best alternative for caring for children at risk, and the second area of priority is to ensure a minimum standard of shelter. While waiting for the childcare centres to be de-institutionalised, a ‘minimum standard of care’ in the institutions must be met.

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