Brott Mot Barn: Om hur våldsutsatta barn drabbas när förundersökningen drar ut på tiden

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Save the Children Sweden

Investigations involving crimes against children should be handled promptly. With this report, Save the Children Sweden wants to show the consequences for children who do not receive a prompt response.

Through continued review of the prosecutor’s office’s yearly statistics, Save the Children Sweden has followed yearly progress developments which show an average decrease in turnaround time. However, inequalities and shortcomings exist across Sweden.

This report shows that children in many parts of Sweden have to wait much longer than the standard three months for their case to be resolved. The report reveals that children have a high risk of feeling bad while waiting: the child’s development, self-image, and psychological health is not only affected by the crime committed against them but also by the effects of a drawn-out process without sufficient support.

Save the Children Sweden calls on parents, police, social services, and schools to work together to find a suitable solution for each chld.

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