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Blue Schools: Linking WASH in schools with environmental education and practice – Catalogue of Technologies

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Caritas Switzerland,Eawag-Sandec,HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation,Swiss Water and Sanitation Consortium,Terre des Hommes

A Blue School offers a healthy learning environment and exposes students to environmentally-friendly technologies and practices that can be replicated in their communities. It inspires students to be change agents in their communities and builds the next generation of WASH and environment sector champions.

The Catalogue of Technologies aims to support project staff, education authorities and school stakeholders in selecting the appropriate Blue Schools technologies that can be put in place in a particular school. It provides references to low costs technologies with particular focus on sustainable land and water management, gardening and solid waste management. The environmentally-friendly technologies are meant for students to experience them at school, learn how they work and get inspired to replicate some of them at home and in their communities.

This catalogue proposes a selection of low-cost technologies for the following topics of the Blue Schools Kit.

  • The Watershed around My School
  • My Drinking Water
  • Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Growth and Change
  • From Soil to Food
  • From Waste to Resources

This Catalogue has been shared under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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