A Billion Reasons to Include: On inclusion of persons with disabilities in the work on Agenda 2030

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MyRight - Empowering People with Disabilities

Through the 2030 Agenda, the countries of the world have promised to bring about a sustainable future and eradicate extreme poverty for all. The slogan “Leave No One Behind” must permeate the work on the Agenda and its global goals. Many of the successes achieved in recent decades have not reached persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities are still among the most marginalised group in the world. Disability determines access to food, education, and health care, among other things, and also how a person is affected by disasters. Persons with disabilities are subjected to deep social, economic, and political inequalities in all areas included in Agenda 2030.

MyRight´s recommendations, which are addressed to everyone working in international development cooperation, are set out at the end of the report. MyRight hopes that they will help you contribute to the achievement of the global goals and the inclusion of persons with disabilities.

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