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Best Practices and Lessons Learnt, Flood Response 2020

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Save the Children International

Save the Children, funded by ECHO, Save the Children Korea and Children’s Emergency Seed Fund in partnership with World Vision (WV), Hagar International and Komar Rikreay Association implemented this multi-sectoral project to provide immediate humanitarian assistance to 3,667 households in the worst-hit province of Battambang from November 2020 to March 2021.

Following the emergency response, the external consultant team engaged 142 respondents (56% female) to: 1) Identify best practices and lessons learnt in the emergency response, with a particular focus on the innovations used (Interactive Voice Response/IVR and apps for cash assistance in particular); 2) Examine the emergency response strategies applying OECD-DAC evaluation criteria; and 3) Make recommendations to improve future emergency response work.

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