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Best Practice Models of Child Participation in Decision-making

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Save the Children International,Save the Children Kosovo

Save the Children in Kosovo commissioned an assessment on best practice models in child participation in decision-making for the “Regional CSO Strengthening 2017-2021” project. Data collection was done through desk research, and in-depth interviews, ensuring satisfactory data triangulation. The sample size was 15 respondents. The study covered CSO working in Kosovo, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia and North Macedonia.

The research will explore the modalities, practices, barriers (both formal and informal) and opportunities to the meaningful and safe, direct and indirect, participation of children in Kosovo, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Serbia and Moldova throughout the implementation of the “Regional Civil Society Organizations Strengthening” project. This to inform how Save the Children and partners can improve and adapt their support to children’s participation in local, national and global decision-making and monitoring processes. Furthermore, the research considered how child participation, including online participation, has been affected – positively and negatively – during the COVID-19 outbreak and the long-term implications for our work on child participation.

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