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Best Interest Assessment Form for Temporary Care Arrangements & Durable Solution

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The Best Interests Assessment Form (BIAF) is an integral part of the Best Interests Determination for Children on the Move Toolkit Training Manual (BID) which guides practitioners, social workers and other relevant authorities to ensure the best interests of an unaccompanied migrant child. The BIAF is an instrument guiding the collection of information required from a child who has crossed international borders without appropriate care at the identification and registration phase. The different possibilities of care are classified as 6 categories of durable solutions. The BIAF questions are ordered chronologically to capture the situation before, during and after migration for the individual child in question, including history from before the move to separation (section 1), history of separation including migration (section 2), history following migration and the child’s current situation (section 3), the views of the child (section 4), views of the biological mother and father (sections 5 and 6, respectively), view of the persons close to the child (sections 7 and 8) and the view of the person whose care is indicated as an option for alternative care arrangement, if applicable (section 9).

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