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Benchmarking Progress in Adopting and Implementing Child Rights Programming

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Save the Children

This report examines the progress made by members of the International Save the Children Alliance1 in adopting and implementing its distinctive approach to rights-based programming with children. The focus is mainly on the organisational decisions and strategies that were used to integrate rights-based programming into the work of these organisations – rather than, for example, considering the content or impact of those approaches. It also compares Save the Children’s experience with that of other agencies (UNICEF, Oxfam, Plan and Care who have also adopted rights-based approaches.

The key aims of the study were:

  • to consider the lessons learnt from the process so far
  • to identify good practice that might be helpful to Save the Children and other agencies embarking on the same path.

The aim of the paper is to provide an overall model of benchmarking and pointers towards the kind of key indicators that may assist others pursuing the same goal. Save the Children looks forward to debate and discussion among other agencies that may lead to their improvement and further elaboration.

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