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The Beginner’s Guide to Political Economy Analysis (PEA)

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DFID, Department for International Development,GPI, Government Partnerships International

This guidance note is from Government Partnerships International (GPI), which was previously known as the National School of Government International (NSGI). GPI is cross-UK Government team which works closely with DFID. This guidance note focuses on ‘the essentials’ of Political Economy Analysis (PEA) as they relate to the following questions:

  1. Why do we do PEA and what is it?
  2. What kind of issues and ingredients are included in a PEA?
  3. How do we make sense of the different varieties of PEA?
  4. What tools are out there to help us conduct a PEA?
  5. What is ‘thinking and working politically’?

This note is useful for staff looking to incorporate Political Economy Analysis into the design and implementation of their programmes.

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