BARN: Barnens brännande frågor: Val 2014. Nr 2, 2014

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Save the Children Sweden

This issue of Save the Children Sweden’s quarterly magazine ‘Barn’ focuses on the elections for both the EU parliament (May 25th) and Sweden’s national and local elections (September 14). The issue of child poverty is high on the agenda. Save the Children Sweden interviews children and adults from Botkyrka municipality where poverty decreased from 29.6% in 2000 to 16.5% in 2011. The municipality has taken strong measures to combat poverty and to provide opportunities for all children.

The main article of the issue provides a child rights-based analysis of the two primary candidates for prime minister in the upcoming national election of 2014, Maria Larsson and Stefan Löfven.

‘Ung Röst’, Young Voice, a nationwide polling of Swedish school children, makes its debut in this edition. Young Voice gave children across Sweden the opportunity to talk about their worries, concerns, advice for politicians, etc. Young Voice aggregated responses and presents an analysis that could be used to influence municipal and national policy making that impacts children.

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