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Bangladesh: Sustainable and Disaster Resilient Future

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Islamic Relief Worldwide

Bangladesh is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, suffering from regular floods,
cyclones, earthquakes and drought. It is estimated that in the past 20 years, 135 million people in
Bangladesh have been affected by natural disasters, and while many have lost their lives or been
injured, millions of others have also lost their homes, land and livelihoods.
This document is about the people in disaster prone areas of Bangladesh at risk of losing their lives, land, and livelihoods and how sustainable development and effective risk reduction can help prevent these risks. It also discusses how disasters in Bangladesh hamper the country’s long-term ability to effectively tackle poverty. The document acknowledges the growing awareness among citizens that disaster risk reduction (DRR) is necessary to assist vulnerable communities and that there needs to be a coordinated effort to undertake intensive DRR work alongside relief efforts.

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