Att Erövra Världen: En rapport om sambanden mellan fattigdom och funktionshinder

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MyRight - Empowering People with Disabilities

There are several links between poverty and disability. Poverty contributes to people being born with and living with disabilities. Functional impediments in societies all over the world also mean that people with disabilities continue to live in extreme poverty. Through the global sustainable development goals in Agenda 2030, countries all over the world have committed to including everyone in work for sustainable development. This also means marginalised and particularly vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities.

The partnership projects that MyRight and its member organisations are running offer an opportunity for the sharing of experiences, and awareness is generated of what it is like to live with a disability. By making use of and developing resources and abilities in people with disabilities, these projects are also making a contribution to positive social development. The report offers insights from MyRight’s partnerships in Nepal, Nicaragua, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

At the end of the report, MyRight offers recommendations about how we can contribute to achieving of the global sustainable development goal for poverty from a disability perspective. 

The report and an easy-to-read brochure is available in Swedish. There is also an accessible format for screensavers version of the easy-to-read brochure in Swedish. An easy-to-read brochure is available in English too.

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pfg. 36p.


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