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ARC – Foundation Module 4: Participation and Inclusion

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ARC – Foundation Module 4: Participation and Inclusion

This module provides practical information, guidelines, inspiring case studies and participatory tools to support organisations and key adult actors to engage with children as rights holders and social actors, supporting their participation in decision-making processes, which affect them and their communities. Guidance is provided to support the development of meaningful, ethical, sustainable, and inclusive participation of children (of different ages and backgrounds) in project, programme and policy responses and service delivery during different phases of an emergency, from preparedness, early, intermediate, and post-emergency responses to longer-term development.

The ARC resource pack provides information and training materials to strengthen individuals’ capacity to address the causes of children’s vulnerabilities, to build effective child protection systems for use in emergencies and long-term development, and to ensure that no activities inadvertently compromise children’s rights or safety.

Foundation modules 1 and 2 cover core concepts such as underlying theory, international instruments establishing child rights, and principles and standards. Modules 3, 5, and 6 cover methodology such as rights-based tools and approaches. Modules 4 and 7 cover cross-cutting rights such as children’s right to be heard,  to be included in decisions that concern them and to enjoy their rights without discrimination. Each module includes materials for study, slides, and training materials such as exercises and handouts.

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