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ARC – Critical issue Module 6: Separated children

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ARC – Critical issue Module 6: Separated children

This critical issue module provides guidance and practical exercises aimed at increasing the ability of staff to respond appropriately and effectively to child separation in an emergency. It is directed at field coordination and senior management level staff who need to have a broad understanding of the range of issues related to separated children, as well as specialised staff who are directly involved in the care of children in the various activities associated with family tracing and reunification.

The ARC resource pack is an interagency collaboration. Funding was provided by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Department and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

The pack provides information and training materials to strengthen individuals’ capacity to address the causes of children’s vulnerabilities, to build effective child protection systems for use in emergencies and long-term development, and to ensure that no activities inadvertently compromise children’s rights or safety.

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