Analytical and Documentation Framework: Global Thematic Evaluation on Children’s Participation in Armed Conflict, Post Conflict and Peace Building. Updated Draft. Save the Children Norway

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Save the Children Norway

This document provides an overall framework to support local and national research teams in each country participating in the Thematic Evaluation to analyse and document the findings from the thematic evaluation process in collaboration with children and young people. Opportunities to maximize the involvement of children and young people in the analysis and documentation process are encouraged, including regular meetings and/or workshops with children and young people’s representatives who have been involved as researchers as well as support for child led documentation. An appendix is included with this document which provides an example of the analysis of some of the participatory tools used in the International Start Up Workshop in Uganda, November 2006. These include analysis of body maps, risk maps and Stories of Most Significant Change. This document is also accompanied by a child friendly checklist to support analysis and documentation by children and young people during their research and evaluation activities.

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