Análisis de las ejecuciones de niños, niñas y jóvenes en Honduras

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Instituto Internacional Casa Alianza Honduras

This document, published by the International Institute Casa Alianza Honduras, provides an analysis of the execution of children and adolescents in Honduras, a country where the level of crime and violence has steadily increased over time. As the number of young victims grows, the issue of child and youth murders has become an important topic on the political agenda in the country. Statistics reveal that only between March and April 2010, 115 people under 23 years of age were victims of violent deaths/executions, of which 30 victims (26%) were adolescents under 18. This means an average of 40 violent deaths and/or arbitrary executions per month, i.e. every 24 hours, 1-2 people under 23 are assassinated. Of the 5,380 violent deaths/executions registered from 1998 to April 2010, 1,677 (31%) were children and adolescents. This analysis aims to address the root causes of this form of violence and its consequences, and more importantly, to find possible solutions.

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